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€You have done well, but you will have to do

Darkness settled quickly over the landscape,
and a silence as sickening as the whining, thun-
dering shells of a few moments before bored itself
into the very souls of the besieging troops. 'Men
heard one another breathing/ one of them once
remarked to me. Creeping in behind the
thoughts of their own dead comrades, came the
half-sad realization that to-morrow would spell
the eternal end of the two creatures in the bush
below3 who had partaken of neither food, water,
nor sleep during the last three days. Right or
wrong, they had displayed a quality which all
brave men admire.

One of them also confided to me that he secretly
hoped that the Indians would escape during the
night and never be heard from again,

No one will ever know what was in the heart
and mind of Almighty Voice during that grue-
some, black stillness.

The night wore on, interrupted only by one
mysterious rifle shot, which clipped the hat off the
head of one of the pickets while he was lighting
his pipe. The queer part of it was that the shot
did not come from the direction of the thicket,
which will be explained later by a most unusual

Along in the midnight a group of coyotes,